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Nov 23, 2012 11:00pm PST
shopping for her wedding in india next month. the other daughter who was brought to stanford also died. >> they wanted to go to india for marriage, the first one. >> reporter: she passed away? >> she passed away. later on the second one passed away. >> it was very shocking to me. at our house we got a bunch of calls. >> reporter: four of the family members were wearing seatbelts at the time according to the chp. the two daughters who died were not. sky 7hd was over the massive traffic jam on highway 101. traffic was snarled for six hours while officers investigated the crash. a seven-minute trip to work took him about 40 minutes. >> getting to my location the traffic was a nightmare. >> reporter: the family is living a nightmare. the mother is here in serious condition. the father and other daughters are at valley medical center in san jose, and we don't know their condition. the chp officer was not seriously injured, and this accident is under investigation. thomas roman, abc news. >> thank you, thomas. >>> a family in the south bay is preparing to bury their youngest son. he was san
Nov 21, 2012 11:00pm PST
moments ago after sending an e-mail she discovered he was india and it was in a storage locker that was probably broken into. the suitcase was found yesterday under a tree in the parking lot of the kinder care child care center. >> what a story that is. >>> let's talk about the weather and the holiday skiers are already heading to the slopes for the holiday weekend. this week's storm brought snow to the higher elevations. no complaints for skiers who are just happy to be on the mountain this early in the season. north star plans to open even more lifts tomorrow to let skiers get up to some of the fresh snow on the mountains. a little higher on top. >> we will be enjoying warm weather this thanksgiving. >> we are. sandhya patel is here with the weekend weather forecast. >> it looks fabulous. let's check out live doppler 7hd. this is an indication of what is to come. skies are clear and the temperatures are falling. it is going to be chilly tonight. look at these numbers, 46 in half moon bay. 44 santa rosa and los gatos. we are on our way down in concord and livermore and down to
Nov 11, 2012 11:00pm PST
indefinitely. >> it is injected into the vas-deference. >> they say it was discovered by a scientist in india who was studying water filtration. when injected into this tube with an activating agent, the polymer solidifies into a plug. a liquid containing lead powder passes thrie the microscopic pores, but the lead is filtered out. they say the concept is the same in the body. >> it is almost like a swiss cheese structure or a sponge-like structure. so fluid can get through and there is not back pressure which is really nice compared to a vasectomy, but the sperm are too big to make it through. >> the doctor makes an insession and injects the cell into the vas-deference where it adheres to the tissue. it amounts to a no ?ip vasectomy and takes less than an hour. 100% success rate was found when the procedure was done correctly. in the u.s. testing for vasel gel is still in animal models. the fda has not yet approved it. since the polymer can be injected with a second chemical they are hoping to market it as a far easier reversible option for younger men who may want to have children later in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3